Sorceress Hovel


Lovely to behold, with a flowing mane of flaxen hair and blazing green eyes the Sorceress moves quickly through her chamber to her library. Swiftly she passes the fireplace and reaches the top shelf and pulls down an ancient leather and gold bound book. Laying it gently upon the table she ponders page after page until she sees a special potion, "Courage and Strength." As her long bright red fingernail traces down the recipe, the bottle in her other hand is magically being filled. Once the potion is done the Sorceress silently moves to the window of her chamber. A silvery-blue mist is rising from the bottle and the potion is bubbling and boiling. Setting the potion on the windowsill the Sorceress closes her eyes, begins to silently chant, and the blue mist streams out to the courtyard and touches each of the Knights, filling them with courage and strength.



Lady Qila


Winners will advance in their quest for the Seat of Honor as follows:

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All others will return to Team Level to begin the quest for the Seat of Honor once again. The Level Manager will award the top finishers and they will continue on their quest. In the event of a tie both sites will be awarded and advance as shown above. Good luck and safe journey on your way to the great Celebration in the Castle

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