The Sentry House


The decree has come from the King, shouts the Silver Knight,to battle dress and to horse.

The knights of the realm were eager for the order. All discussion stopped and silence fell over the gathering. Each in his own way summoned their squire, whispered orders, then knelt to pray. Searching in their hearts for courage to be honorable in battle and to be victorious, their thoughts were of sorrow. Yes, sorrow for those they may have to harm and sorrow for those of their friends they may loose in battle. The silent prayer steeled their hearts and brought them new found courage to maintain their honor.

Slowly and methodically each dressed for battle, then in silence walked to the courtyard to find their mount ready for action. A red banner here and a blue one there. Green and gold, silver and purple. Each a marker to gather in groups.

With horses snorting, leather squeaking, hooves stomping, they all look up to the parapet and the Silver Knight gives the order, Knights to mount in a loud and clear voice. Swinging into the saddle, each is ready to defend his home and drive the invaders away.



Lady Qila


Winners will advance in their quest for the Seat of Honor as follows:

1st place finisher advances to Sorceress Hovel
2nd place finisher advances to Sorceress Hovel
3rd place finisher remains here for a rematch

If there are only 2 competitors, only the 1st place finisher advances and the 2nd place remains here for a rematch.

All others will return to Team Level to begin the quest for the Seat of Honor once again. The Level Manager will award the top finishers and they will continue on their quest. In the event of a tie both sites will be awarded and advance as shown above. Good luck and safe journey on your way to the great Celebration in the Castle.


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Blue's World
By Lady Magenta
Mountain Dweller
10star 10star 10star 10star 40
Ryan Malcolm Forever
By StarIdol
Lake Dweller
10star 10star 10star 10star 40
Totally Glee
By Stephanie
Lake Dweller
10star 10star 10star 10star 40

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