The Royal Court


The Ladies of the court are busy now. The Jester has prepared all sorts of fun and games and things to do. The Little Baby Dragon is happily playing and waiting for the Dragon to return. Golden Moments are at hand. The Army has won and is being led back to the Castle by the Silver Knight. The stables are prepared to feed and rest the war steeds of the knights and the Smithy's Shoppe is ready to store their armor and swords. The Sage, the Sorceress and the Dragon have all sung their praises and the Imperial Hall Caretakers the Treasure Vault Jewelers have all done their parts to make the welcome a true celebration of an honorable victory.

Now to prepare the Royal Court.

Bunting of rich red, gold and purple velvet is hung from the corners of the room. Flags of the many tribes and dwellings are posted in their right order. The oaken tables have all been polished to a bright sheen and the benches are covered with soft, golden colored pillows. Pewter plates, bowls, cups and platters are all readied for the serving of delicacies from all over the Realm. Windows are cleaned and torches are filled with fuel for the long evening ahead. The kitchens of Baby Dragon Land are bustling. A Celebration is at hand!

With all of the Realm at hand to celebrate, only one will be chosen as the guest to sit upon the Seat of Honor. This honor will last for seven glorious days, after which another will be chosen. Good deeds and honorable efforts will be rewarded by all of the guests present for the Celebration.

All the preparations are now done and the Ladies of the Court and the Soldiers await the arrival of the throng and the selection of the guest to be honored.

Let the Celebration begin!!



Lord Sam

The first place finisher in the Royal Court is awarded the Seat of Honor by the Level Manager and will remain in the Royal Court to defend the Seat of Honor.

All others shall return to their respective Team Levels to begin their quest once again. In the event of a tie both sites will be awarded as shown above.The triple Crown winner will return to Team level and the First Crown Winner will remain in the Royal Court to defend the Seat of Honor.

At the end of the competition year all of the Triple Throne Winners, still active in the Castle, compete to determine the Castle Champion of the Year. In addition to a special graphic award the Castle Champion will be awarded a trophy, sent to them by snail mail, to commemorate the achievement.

2011 Golden Crown Winners
We had a 3 Way Tie.
Our Champions are:
1. Because I Said So By Hezzie - Mountain Dwellers
2. Fair Lady of Rohan By Lady Rohan - Mountain Dwellers
3. Whindoe's Website By Whindoe - Lake Dwellers Team
Good luck and safe journey on your way to the great Celebration in the Castle.

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Totally Glee
By: Stephanie
Lake Dweller
~ON~ ~HOLD~ ~ON~ ~HOLD~ ~~

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