Mountain Dwellers


On gossamer wings The Mountain Dwellers busily prepare for the coming celebration. Costumes of many colors adorn their delicate countenances and lend an air of special magic to the assembly. As they gracefully move in their preparations their joy is sounded in the tinkling of silver bells. Darting to the green grass of the castle yard. Ah, beauty is theirs and brought to the celebration. Any who joins with them, hears the bells or touches the sparkling magic dust suddenly takes on the wondrous glow of beauty that comes from within, a fantasy to some and a truth to all. On to the celebration and sharing of beauty.

If you become a Mountain Dweller, you will be responsible for bringing Beauty into the Castle. Everyone will look to you for inner Beauty and Strength. So if you feel you can be a Mountain Dweller, please join us for fun, family and laughter.



Lady Qila


Winners will advance in their quest for the Seat of Honor as follows:

1st place finisher advances to Sentry House    Sentry House
2nd place finisher advances to Jousters Camp jousters camp
3rd place finisher advances to Sentry House    Sentry House
4th place finisher advances to Jousters Camp Jouster's Camp

All others will remain at Team Level to begin the quest for the Seat of Honor once again. The Team Manager will award the top finishers and they will continue on their quest. In the event of a tie both sites will be awarded and advance as shown above. Good luck and safe journey on your way to the great Celebration in the Castle.


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