Conditions to Join Page

Conditions to Join

Welcome to this page. Because you are here we know you are interested in the conditions we have established in order for you to join our family of friends in the Little Dragon Castle. The following list outlines our policies and what we would expect you to accept should you become a member of the Castle.

You do not have to have a personal web site in order to be a member of the Castle. Further you do not have to join the Web Site Competition if you do have a web site in order to be a member.

An email address is required so that we might contact you and announce our activities. Your e-mail address will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with anyone except those on the Staff with a genuine need for the information.

Those who are approved for membership in the Castle will be invited to join the LDC Main E-group. This E-group is listed and visible in the Yahoo Directory of Groups. Joining this E-group is OPTIONAL.

For approved members with no personal web page and only an email address it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the opportunity to join the LDC Main E-group. In this E-group we contact each other and get to know who we are. It is the social e-mail group we use for all sorts of things from recipes to jokes to problems and just to share a small part of our lives with one another and become friends.

Applicants for membership with a personal web site, once they become a member, are encouraged to join the Web Site Competition activity. Joining the competition is not mandatory but is an option. In all cases however, personal web sites are screened by the Court Justices for compliance with the following conditions:

  1. Web sites whose express intent is the sale of products and services are not considered personal web sites and shall not be acceptable.
  2. There shall be no restriction on who may view the web site pages. Requiring a visitor to join some club, or special group is not allowed. Requiring a membership, to post messages in a blog, forum, or some other communication device, thereby limiting potential for SPAM content, is allowed.
  3. All web pages, with the exception of those listed in Condition 2 above, must be accessible. Links from one page to another must function properly.
  4. The web site owner is responsible for the content of all the links displayed on their web site. The Conditions to Join apply to those links as well they do to the resident site content.
  5. There is no place within the Castle for pornographic content to hide and take root.
  6. Profanity shall not be permitted.
  7. All links must work for the examination of content. Broken links shall be repaired by the web site owner prior to acceptance.
  8. Nudity for the sake of titillation or arousal shall not be permitted. We examine all drawings, photographs and other images to assure they are in good taste and not displaying a sexual environment. There are many examples of such images found in various bibles and have been the subject of great masterpiece themes in history. Undoubtedly there are those who may think that any form of nudity should not be allowed yet there are just as many others that believe there is nothing objectionable in some forms of nudity provided it is in good taste and not intended to titillate or arouse. The Court Justices shall be the final judge in accepting or rejecting images.
  9. Web site content shall be of a family oriented nature. Portrayal of deviant sexual orientation, unorthodox religious extremes, violence, or personal attack shall not be allowed. Web site content, whose intent is to "sell" extreme views to those of impressionable age shall not be acceptable.

The above rules are not all inclusive. They are subject to revision at any time by the Owners of The Little Dragon Castle. The Owners reserve the right to expand upon the existing Conditions or to establish additional Conditions to Join at any time justification for such action is found.

Owners and Castle Managers
The Little Dragon Castle

If after careful review of the above Conditions to Join you wish to apply to become a member of the Little Dragon Castle please click on the Join Button above or below.